Why Soldier storm Benue village, burn 200 houses

plenti pipo for Naka dey cry
Image example Plenti pipo don dey homeless after soldier burn houses for Benue State

Naka pipo for Gwer-West Local gofment area for Benue State still dey cry afta soldiers enter dia community burn down more dan 200 houses.

Sunday Bagu wey im house too follow burn say, as di soldiers come dem enta Naka phase 2 start to burn houses.

E add say before dem burn your house dem go ask you make you comot. Na only one old papa bin die for di kata-kata.

Nigerian Army say dem no get hand for di mata. Dem say wetin happun be say, soldiers from 707 brigade bin go Naka make dem go protect di place afta herdsmen attack Mbakyondo village kill 24 pipo.

But di community mistake one soldier for herdsmen come kill am and bury am.

Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPEI
Image example Soldier dem burn house after plenti abeg from di elders

Fulani slaughter pipo like cow

Iorhembe Awuna say di fight start after Fulani pipo wey dey live for Mbakpa community accuse say Tiv pipo kill dia cow.

And because dem wan revenge, dem hire strong pipo to come helep dem fight. But as Mbakpa far, dem stop for Mbakyondu, come promise di pipo say dem no come fight dem.

Awuna say, one day dem begin dey fight Mbakyondu pipo and "wen we ask, dem say all Tiv be di same. Dem slaughter pipo like cow."

Image example Benue Deputy governor don visit di area

Why dem kill di soldier

Plenti tori dey ground for how di soldier take die.

Mfayo Dever say because some pipo dey use soldier uniform take attack dem, wen dem see di soldier man, dem come suspect am and wen e no wan cooperate, bad boys come kill am, burry am.

Image example Naka pipo still dey fear say soldiers go still come back

But soldiers come find di place wey dem bury am, comot am, come carry am go Nigerian Airforce mortuary for Makurdi.

Di deputy governor of Benue State, Benson Abounu, don go visit di area, but pipo say dem still dey fear because since police and soldier no dey dia side di herdsmen pipo go attack dem.

Youth for di area bin fight with police e neva too tey.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori