Nabi Tajima, di oldest pesin for world don die at 117

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Nabi Tajima, wey be di oldest pesin for world, don die.

At 117, Tajima old pass kontris like Australia and evri oda pesin wey don live for dis planet.

Na for Aug. 4, 1900, dem born Tajima for Araki, Japan, and na for Saturday she die after she don sick since January dis year.

Before she die na for di small island town of Kikai she bin dey live.

To carry di title of "world's oldest pesin wey dey alive'' na special tin but dis kain pipo, as you expect, no dey carry am for too long.

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'Little Foot' na di new oldest person for world

Na for September di title land for Tajima leg, wen another 117-year-old pesisn, Violet Brown, die for Jamaica.

Brown na di oldest person for world for around five months.

Tajima dey special group of pipo dem dey call, supercentenarians, wey be pipo wey don cross 110-year.

U.S.-based Gerontology Research Group, wey dey torchlight pipo wey don become supercentenarians talk say e fit reach 36 wey dey alive for all over di world.

Out of 18 of dem, only one na man but na all of dem dey for Japan.

Sabi pipo believe say good food and family care na im dey increase Japan pipo long life.

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