Dino Melaye: Four times big yawa enta di senator head

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If you be pesin wey dey live for Nigeria and you no know who Senator Dino Melaye be, chance dey say you no get telly or radio for house or your phone no get data.

Senator Dino Melaye, wey dey represent Kogi West for di Nigeria National Assembly (NASS), na one politician wey popular sotay plenti pipo dey follow am pass dia own constituency lawmaker.

Melaye na politician wey no dey hide mouth to talk im mind for National Assembly. Im don bring bill afta bill wey include di anti-tribal mark bill, bill to cancel state of origin and to create anoda university from di Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, wey dey Kaduna state, north central Nigeria.

Image example Nigerian musician Kach release viral song, 'Dino Melaye' to hail di senator

Di way im dey enjoy im life outside National Assembly, im big boy swagger wey include fashion designer attire and flashy cars don make am talk of di town.

But even as Melaye dey enjoy to flex, wahala dey always follow am, as if dem be 5 and 6.

Na dis don ginger BBC Pidgin to torchlight four times wen di Kogi senator don enta trouser wey too tight for am.

Image copyright Dino Melaye/Instagram
Image example Melaye claim say police surround im house wey dey Maitama, Abuja for Monday, 23 April 2018

1. Melaye versus Police

Nigeria Police declare Melaye wanted man for 28 March 2018 as dem accuse am say im bin give guns to armed robbers to dey operate for Kogi State north-central Nigeria.

Dem order INTERPOL, wey be International Police, to arrest di lawmaker and Mohammed Audu, wey bi son of a former govnor of di state, Abubakar Audu, anywhere dem see dem.

Na dis ginger Nigeria Immigration to arrest di senator for April 23 wen im enta Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport for Abuja as e dey travel go Morocco.

Police don dey try tey-tey to gbab Melaye but im don escape before dem fit pick am up more than once.

Image copyright Dino Melaye/Instagram
Image example Senator Dino Melaye share dis picture for im Instagram as federal government nack court case for im head

2. Melaye versus Federal Goment

Federal goment of Nigeria carry Senator Dino Melaye go Abuja high court for 1 March 2018 unto claim say Melaye blow lie give police say di chief of staff to di Kogi State governor, Edward Onoja David, try kill am for Ayetoro-Gbede inside di state last year.

Na di office of di Attorney General of di Federation (AGF) carry di case go Abuja high court for 31 January 2018.

According to dis charges Magaji Labaran, wey be goment lawyer sign, police discover say na lie Melaye lie wen dem investigate Edward Onoja David hand inside di kill-kill mata.

Image copyright Dino Melaye/Instagram
Image example Melaye get im haters and supporters

3. Melaye versus INEC

Di Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) don talk say dem go begin plan to recall Melaye for 28 April 2018.

Melaye bin don carry di mata go Court of Appeal but di court agree wit INEC say make dem continue.

Melaye, wey don talk say na Kogi Governor Yahaya Bello, na im dey push Kogi pipo to remove am from office, don carry di mata go Supreme Court.

E reach up to 188,500 pipo for Kogi West wey don sign paper carry give INEC to begin di recall for 2017, na e ginger INEC to enta gear two begin move di mata.

Pipo wey put di name for di list talk say Melaye no dey try for dem and na why dem wan push am comot.

Image example Omoyele Sowore na di publisher of Sahara Reporters

4. Melaye versus Sahara Reporters

First di internet newspaper Sahara Reporters accuse Melaye say im dey operate bank account for United States of America wey dey illegal for Nigeria.

Di battle between dis two no finish unto say, Sahara Reporters talk for March 2017 say Melaye no finish school for Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria as im claim for 1998/1999 and na fake ABU certificate im dey use.

For Nigeria National Assembly, e dey illegal for lawmaker to bring fake certificate enta office.

Melaye vex sotay im carry di mata go court for wia im sue Sahara Reporters for five billion naira.

Na current ABU Vice Chancellor, Professor Ibrahim Garba settle di mata wen im confam to di senate say Melaye na graduate wit third class Geography degree for ABU.

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