Why dem dey kill Nigerians for South Africa

Xenophobic attack don take di life about 116 Nigerians for South Africa Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Xenophobic attack don take di life of about 116 Nigerians for South Africa since 2016

Di Senior Special Assistant to President Buhari on Diaspora Affairs, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, say one area wey dem kill one Nigerian for South Africa na hot place wey katakata too dey happen.

She say dis Rustenburg area get as e be, say 14 Nigerians dey court wey dem accuse of public violence and drugs.

"However, dat no reason dey to do dat kain tin to anybodi. Di mission right now dey meet with South African authorities," she talk.

Some pipo wey dey vex for South Africa bin burn one Nigerian wey be furniture maker for di city of Rustenburg, North West Province.

Di Nigerian come from Njikoka L.G.A. for Anambra State, southeast Nigeria.

Saliu Habib Miller wey be talk talk pesin for di join body of Nigeria pipo wey dey live for South Africa confam am to BBC.

Im say di pipo bin approach di Nigerian for im shop and wen dem find out where im come from, na im dem begin dey beat am.

"Dem ask am wia di drug dey, dem begin toture am, im run but dey pursue am, wen dem catch dem pour petrol for im body come put fire".

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Miller add say wen di pipo see say fire don dey burn am, dem think say im don die, dem come leave am waka.

"Na good Samaritan come call emergency pipo wey rush am go Job Shimankane Hospital for Rustenburg wia im later die".

Di Nigerian wey dem kill, marry South African wife and dem get two pikin wey dey three and five years.

Di Nigerian Union for South Africa post am for dia Facebook page.

Miller talk say dem don tell Nigerian Mission office for South Africa wetin happen, but say goment no do anything to stop di killing of Nigerians for South Africa.

"Nigerian goment no dey take life of Nigerians serious. We still dey call on Nigerian goment to do something before anoda bad thin go happen".

News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) report say di number of Nigerians wey dem don kill for South Africa since 2016 don pass 116.

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