NIMC: We no fit produce National identity card for everi body

National Identity Card na important identification document for Nigeria Image copyright TechEconomy
Image example If you get NIN you fit buy land for FCT Abuja

No be evribodi wey register for national identity go get am, na di oga of di National Identity Card Management Commission Aliyu Aziz, talk dis one.

Im say di ones wey don dey ready now na 'first come, first serve' dem go do am because money no too dey.

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FRSC say plenti pipo still come collect dia drivers license

"Di card wey we get na di best in di world, but do am for evribodi hard. In di NIMC, na first come, first serve, and dis one na for pipo wey register for 2012 and 2013."

Aziz add say "di focus now na di National Identification Number. Your NIN na im be your identity, no be card."

"We want ask di vendors, like five wey we get for Lagos to print, but na funding be di problem. Once we get am, we go carry am give di vendors."

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