Group still dey fight to clear Ken Saro Wiwa name

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Image example Di court case na to clear Ken Saro Wiwa name and to get justice

One Ogoni group - Ken Saro Wiwa Associates dey greedie to clear di name of famous environment activist and writer, Ken Saro Wiwa and eight oda Ogoni pipo.

Na di military administration of Gen. Sani Abacha bin kill dem for 1995 afta one special tribunal on civic disturbance sentence dem to death by hanging. Dem want di court to set aside di judgement wey sentence dem for justice to dey.

One Federal High Court for Port Harcourt bin don deny di group application but dem come appeal am so court fix hearing for di case for Monday 23 April 2018.

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Image example UNEP report on Ogoni land pollution don confam say Ken Saro Wiwa campaign bin dey right

National Coordinator for di group, Gani Topba tell BBC Pidgin say: "We no dey demand for compensation. All wat we dey ask na for im name to clean because im bin dey do campaign for di environment to dey clean. Today report don come out say wetin im campaign for dey true and di environment dey polluted. So we just need justice so pipo fit know say pesin fit do struggle witout violence. We ready to go Supreme court".

Di court fix 8 October for di main hearing of di case wey dey challenge why dem kill Ken Saro Wiwa, because di lawyer for federal goment no show.

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Image example Ken Saro Wiwa bin dey campaign say make di oil companies clean di ground wey dia work pollute

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