'Boko Haram don destroy our village' - Southern Borno Christians

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'Boko haram don destroy our village' - Southern Borno Christians

Na for im wedding day for 12 April, 2014 Boko Haram attack dia village come scatter im wedding, wia dem dey dance. Im run go Cameroon. E take three days before im see im wife. Dat day 49 pipo die for im village including im papa.

Image example Pipo for Southern Borno no fit return to dia village dem as Boko Haram don take over dia land and house

Yusuf Amos say dia village dey Gworza near Sambisa forest. Im say wen im and im family run comot, dem bin tink say na for just small time, say dem go return. But wen dem look how tins be, dem decide to start new life for Lagos as notin dey again for dem since Boko Haram burn im car, house and im guinea corn farm. Now im dey do security work and im wife dey fry yam for road side. Life no easy for dem here as im wife just born twins, and moni no dey to carry dem comot from hospital.

Image example Wen dem run comot di first time, dem tink say dem fit return afta sometime. But now dem get to start life again for Lagos

Dis na wetin many pipo for southern Borno, mostly di Christians dia dey suffer. Dem tell BBC Pidgin say dem no fit go back to dia village because Boko Haram don take over dia farms and house dem so notin dey for dem.

Di same tin happen to Andrew Fambiya Wariga. Im say im bin get shop for Maiduguri before im get to leave evritin run comot. Im dey feel bad sake of im mama wey bin dey three years for Boko Haram hand, and now wetin im mama experience don make her get mental problem.

Image example Boko Haram take old pipo for village cover diasef as dem dey fight military pipo

Joshua Samaila say to settle di wahala make di pipo go back no be easy sometin because bad belle don plenti as pipo wey know di ones wey point hand give boko haram, betray dem say dis one na Christian make dem kill dem destroy dia house, so dat kain palava dey wey go need beta settlement.

Rev. Henson Ammadikko na pastor for pipo wey run comot from di boko haram palava. Im say wen dem come, dem encourage dem to find work and see how pipo fit employ dem as maiguard, driver, cleaner, gardener or nanny dem. Im say, 'We discourage camping because e go make dem dependent. Dis na to empower dem and reduce dia pain.'

Image example Many of di pipo wey boko haram dey fight don run comot so no more war to fight again

Rev Ammadikko say goment need to provide ogbonge security wey go dey gidigba for di villages to make sure say pipo wey don lose dia house and farm go fit get am back. Im say except dat one happen dem no go fit return to dia village because Boko Haram and oda pipo don take over dia land.

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