Fumigant tablet kill three children for Ghana - FDA

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Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) investigations into di death of children wey die for Ghana after demma parents use fumigant tablet, say aluminium phosphide which dey di Topstoxin pesticide inside kill di children.

Dem reveal say di fumigation tablet, Topstoxin, be pesticide wey dem dey take control insects for stored grain, processed food and feeds inside. According to statement signed by James Lartey, Head of Communications, FDA den discover say di pesticide get active ingredient which be aluminium phosphide.

But di problem be say, "in di presence of moisture, aluminium phosphide dey release phosphine which be highly toxic." FDA investigations reveal say di family use am for enclosed room wey get moisture for inside, sake of dat di kiddies die.

Although dem fit use di substance protect stored grains from rodents, e no be household chemical, rather dis particular pesticide be for only industrial use.

Di incident happen after one of di parents use di product in an attempt to kill cockroach for di house, but unfortunately kill one child den twins.

Meanwhile, FDA caution Ghanaians say make dem be careful which kind things dem dey buy dey use, den make menerz try den read di labels for products top before dem go use.

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