World Malaria Day 2018: Pawpaw leaf and oda local medicine wey fit treat di sickness

Bitter leaf

World Health Organization don warn say di fight against malaria don match break for di first time inside 10 years.

Malaria kill 500,000 pipo for 2016 and most of di death happen for sub Saharan Africa.

Dem say to beat malaria, more money and more ideas for di prevention and treatment dey needed.

One of such idea wey pipo don mention as cheap and say e dey work, na di use of local herbs to treat malaria.

Former president for di Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria, Olumide Akintayo mention four of dis herbs wey pipo wey sabi con confam say e dey work to treat malaria.

Paw Paw leaves

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Image example Pawpaw tree dey common for southern Nigeria

Some parts for Nigeria dey use paw paw leaves wey dem mix with lime to solve wahala of malaria.

Di way dem dey use am na to boil di leaf inside water den drink am.


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Image example Na mostly for northern Nigeria you go find Dogonyaro

Dis na plant wey dey popular for di northern part of Nigeria.

Di way pipo dey use am na to boil di leaf for water, come use di water as di medicine for di sickness.

Some pipo dey also use di tree body and di roots.

Lemon Grass

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Image example Some pipo dey add am for food for flavour

Dis na anoda remedy wey plenti pipo dey use.

Many pipo wey dey use am, dey use am as tea.

Bitter Leaf Water

Na mostly to cook soup pipo dem dey use bitter leaf, but e also fit help treat malaria.

Di way pipo dey use am na to wash di leaf comot di bitter water den drink am.


Wen e come to herbal medicine, di complain wey pipo dey usually give be say "how we go take know di amount we suppose drink"?

Olumide Akintayo wey be pharmacist, say dat na one of di challenges of using herbal medicine.

Im advice say di best tin for anibodi wey wan use herbal medicine na to go meet specialists wey dey deal on herbs and oda local medicine and follow di way dem talk to take drink am.

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