Ghana social workers fake baby en death for profit

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Two social workers for Ashanti Region dey under investigation after dem fake di death of a day-old-baby from hospital den sell di baby to some unsuspecting couple for Ghc 16,500.

Di suspects, Probation Officer Evelyn Jemimah den Justice Administration Officer, Samuel Afriyie for di Ashanti Region Social Welfare Department assist di pregnant woman come demma office for help sake of en boyfriend dawg am after she preg.

Police Spokesperson for Ashanti Region Juliana Obeng talk say di suspects after dem born di baby girl, relocated am to some unknown hospital say dem wan treat rushes for di new-born en body. Dem return plus news say di baby die, meanwhile dem go put di baby for Kumasi Children's Home.

Di two no provide evidence of di dead body, but dem manipulate di new mother make she stay for di Probation Officer en house for two months so say dem fit cover up. Around 3 February 2018 dem sell di baby give unsuspecting couple who apply genuinely to adopt di baby.

Former National Director of Social Welfare, Benjamin Otoo say "dis be unethical den criminal, dem dent di image of di department, dem be bad nuts, make di law deal plus them."

Police say stolen di baby currently dey demma custody while investigations continue, but di complainant who report give police this week say she dey suspect di social workers make traumatized after she discover say en baby no die.

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