15 pipo die and 83 odas wound as Nigeria army jam Boko Haram for Maiduguri

A woman pushes a wheelbarrow carrying a jerrycan filled with water as Nigerian soldiers patrol in the town of Banki in northeastern Nigeria on April 26, 2017 Image copyright Getty Images

Nigeria army say 15 pipo don die for di fight wey dem fight Boko Haram militants outside Maiduguri, di capital of Borno state wey dey north east of di kontri.

Police bin confam give BBC say shooting dey happen for di area and pipo wey dey live for Jidari Polo, wey no too far from di capital, say dem hear as bomb dey blow and bullet dey fly upandan and army say e reach 83 pipo wey wound for di fight.

Borno don suffer many Boko Haram attack as di militant dey try start wetin dem call Islamic caliphate for di region.

E don pass 30,000 pipo wey don die since di gbege start for 2009.

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Image example UNICEF say Boko Haram don kidnap ova 1,000 pikins dem since 2013 for di north east region

President Muhammadu Buhari enta office for 2015 and e tok say im main agenda na to stop Boko Haram but e be like say water pass Gari.

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Image example Nigeria military dey struggle to defeat the Boko Haram

For di statement wey dem release, di army tok say soldiers wey dey dia 'Operation Dole' stop di militants for Jidari Polo as dem dey try enta Maiduguri.

Dem say di air force, police and oda security pipo follow join di fight to chase di militants comot.

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Image example Pipo for Maiduguri dey face back-to-back attack from Boko Haram militants

Pipo wey dey di area bin report say plenti army pipo land for di place even as pipo dey run away.

Di army don beg say make pipo wey run comot go back as dem don secure di area.

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