Anglophone crisis: Crisis Group say make Catholic church promote dialogue

Priests Image copyright Rev Father Humphrey Mbuy

International Crisis Group analyse say Catholic church fit promote dialogue for end de crisis weh e di finish pipo and dia property for Anglophone regions.

For de Crisis Group, Catholic church weh na strong institution for de ten regions - get schools and hospital, fit make pipo shiddon for table tok.

"Rev, father weh deh neutral, no support any side, fit join oda Anglophone leaders and ngomna for stop de crisis weh e don di komot from frypan di enta fire", di group tok.

Catholic Bishops dem no get one voice for de Anglophone crisis. Two things weh divide deh Anglophone and Francophone Bishops na de form of state, decentralisation or federalism and weda school should go or not.

De Crisis Group di argue say bishops dem for di only English speaking Ecclesiastic province from de five di tok strong-strong about de crisis but de wan dem for Francophone side no di tok de same.

Even so, de group check say Bishops di share some position for oda issues, and deh don find middle position for condemn how military di treat population.

De crisis group say Bishops dem fit burry dis division komot tok for public say deh stand for middle for tok with de two sides.

Image copyright Rev Father Humphrey Mbuy

Church fit play beta role for back for helep di play role for communicate for de two sides even as Presbyterian and Baptist church too and oda civil society fit join de tok.

"Make church issue public statement, say deh bi neutral from state, say Anglophone marginalisation be justified, condemn human rights abuses and call all side for stop de fight", de group tok.

De group di fear say as presidential election dey for corna violence go fit increase and church hide dia division for back stand neutral for solve de crisis.

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