I no be monster or killer, I dey sorry- Nigerian actress Ibinabo Fiberesima

Ibinabo Fiberesima Image copyright Ibinabo Fiberesima
Image example Ibinabo Fiberesima na Nollywood actress and former beauty queen

12 years afta di deadly accident wey involve Nigerian actress Ibinabo Fiberesima and kill Dr Suraj Giwa for Lagos Nigeria, di actress don open mouth talk ontop social media about wetin happen.

Dem bin sentence di former beauty queen to five years in prison ontop di mata say she drive recklessly and e lead to di death of Dr Suraj.

Na afta pipo begin ask am question ontop Facebook say how she go tink am to wan contest for election for Rivers state after di role she play for di accident wey kill Dr Suraj Giwa for 2006 na im she decide to talk.

She post ontop her Instagram page wetin she reply give journalist Azuka Jebose.

Di actress talk say di past 12 years bad well-well for her, say she even think of committing suicide. She say she never stop to dey tink di mata for one day, but she also go need to live her life last-last.

"Dis experience don make me find God but I still need help. I dey receive therapy for depression and because of say I dey tink to kill myself."

"I don dey heal, small-small, I no be killer, I no be alcoholic, I no drive while I dey drunk, I get hand for inside accident wey kill pesin and I dey very sorry because of am." Na so she talk.

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