E dey impossible to recall lawmakers for Nigeria?

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After di recall process of Senator Dino Melaye fail on Saturday April 28, 2018, some Nigerians don dey wonder weda e even dey possible to recall lawmaker for di kontri National assembly.

Di chief press secretary to di chairman for Independent National Electoral commission (INEC) Rotimi Oyekanmi tell BBC News Pidgin say e no dey impossible to recall lawmaker back but dey need to follow di process according to di law.

E say although some pipo dey talk say di process dey hard but with di example of Dino Melaye case, na something wey pipo fit test.

Oga Oyekanmi also explain say INEC no need to ask kweshun weda di lawmaker wey im pipo wan recall do anytin bad or commit any crime, dia own na to receive di petition and begin di process within 90 days.

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How di process dey like?

According to Mr Oyekanmi, wen some group of pipo from a particular constituency feel say dia representative no dey do di right tin and dem wan recall am back:

  • First, dem need to submit petition wey dem sign to INEC.
  • INEC go start work on di petition within 90 days from wen dem receive di petition.
  • INEC go come inform di lawmaker wey dem write di petition against and then begin di recall process.
  • INEC go start with verification process; dis na to find out if di signature of di pipo wey sign di petition dey di same with di one for INEC voters register and see if dem dey up to 50.1% of di total number of registered voters inside di constituency.
  • INEC go move to di final stage wey dem call Referendum-dat na Yes or No vote, if di percentage of di verification process reach 50.1%.
  • INEC go present dia result give di national assembly to comot di lawmaker if di Yes Vote plenti pass di No.

Di recall process of Senator Dino Melaye end for di verification stage because pipo wey INEC verify say sign di petition na only 5.34% instead of di 50.1% wey di law need to enta di final stage.

Mr Oyekanmi add join say if di pipo wey submit petition against di senator wan re-carri anoda one come again, di law permit dem to present anoda one and INEC go still pass through di same process again.

E say dis no be di first time wey INEC dey receive recall petition, last year dem get one against one lawmaker for Kano but di pipo later withdraw am.

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