100,000 men go do circumcision for Mozambique

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Image example For 2014, Doctors Without Borders do di same programme for South Africa

E pass 100,000 men for Mozambique wey go do circumcision to help avoid tori wey touch on top sexually transmitted diseases wey include HIV.

Di health pipo for di central province of Zambezia wey dey do di programme talk say dem go focus on three districts for di province wey circumcision no too dey common.

Dis go be di part two of di project wey start last year as dem circumcise 84,000 men for di province.

Abdul Razak wey be medical doctor and di governor of Zambezia na one of di pipo wey dey give backbone to di project.

Im tok say male circumcision dey help prevent diseases like HIV but e no dey cure am.

No be by force to do circumcision but na advice dem dey advice on top prevention of HIV infection.

According to di World Health Organization, circumcision for men dey reduce risk by 60%.

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