Sweet Sweet Codeine: See why young pipo dey do codeine diet

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Sweet Sweet Codeine: Di cough syrup wey dey destroy lives for Nigeria

Nigerian goment recently talk say make codeine no dey market as medicine for cough again.

Dis na after BBC do documentary wey show di way wey young pipo dey use di drug spoil dia lie.

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'Sweet sweet codeine: Vex and shock as BBC show film about codeine syrup for Nigeria

BBC News Pidgin carry di mata take tok to six young pipo on why dem dey use di drug.

Dem say dem no want make dia face or name show for di tori.

'Codeine save my life'

Wen I bin dey for school around 300 level, I come back enta room, weda na class I bin go dat day, I no really remember to see my roommate dey para.

As if I vex am, e just dey para around di place, na so I tink say e dey possible say dis guy dey high, na im I sama am with codeine, im sleep till di next day evening.

Di tin be say, codeine no hard to get for school, because if one of di guys follow sick get cough, come take cough syrup, we fit use di remaining to jolli.

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Sweet sweet codeine: See wetin Kano pipo dey tok

'E dey help me sleep'

I no tink say dis tin fit cos me to dey addicted because I get strong mind. But e dey hard for me to sleep without am.

Di reason I dey take am dey simple. E dey help me sleep.

'I feel cool wen I take am'

When I bin dey for NYSC camp, my crew dey on top di codeine diet constant because na how to show say you be di baddest boy.

Di pesin wey dey sell am for us no dey sell am give any bodi as na prestige and dem fit just gbab am like dat on top wetin e dey do.

But e make me feel like say I belong. Say yes, dis na my padi and na we dey run dis place.

'Na music show me road'

For me eh, music na my way, I like music scatta. So when I come dey listen to trap music, na im I say make I try am.

Di artist wey I see for di music video ehn, dem chill die. I like di way dem dey look for di video na im I say make I join.

'E be like life dey fast forward for your face'

Di feeling of codeine no be like anytin wey I done feel before.

E dey calm me down well-well. I go high and go come dey do tins jeje. Di tin wey e dey do be say e go be like say dem dey fast forward life for your eye.

'E no dey smell for bodi'

To dey drink codeine beta pass to dey drink alcohol because e dey leave one smell for your bodi.

For example now, if you dey drink, e go leave one kain yeye smell wey go just show say na wetin you dey do be dis but e dey different with codeine.

But na di feeling be di main tin sha.

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