Sweet Sweet Codeine: Vex and shock as BBC show film about Nigeria syrup addiction

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'Sweet sweet codeine: Vex and shock as BBC show film about codeine syrup for Nigeria

Shock, anger and open mouth na some of di emotion wey full ground for inside di room as pipo watch di 'Sweet Sweet Codeine' film finish.

Di film wey long reach like 1 hour na about codeine cough syrup addiction for Nigeria, and di pipo wey dey make am move.

Many pipo for di room no fit hold demsefs as dem begin watch how one pharmacist, and even some pharmaceutical company dem dey use back door take sell di syrup enta black market.

Image example Pipo wey dey authority and also journalists na im gada to watch di codeine film

One of di pipo wey watch di film na Dr Mairo Mandara wey be public health expert. According to her, codeine na very dangerous tin and e beta make pesin even cut your leg dan for codeine to enta your belle.

"Codeine na very-very dangerous drug wey dem put inside cough syrup wey fit make you craze, e dey also affect di liver and kidney and dis wan fit lead to death."

Popular pesin wey dey chook mouth ontop issues for di society for Nigeria Japheth Omojuwa say im happy say finally we don dey put eye ontop di mata.

"Dis na wetin oyibo dey call social problem but sometimes if we no put tins for movie to watch how di problem be, pipo no go understand am."

Na like 3 million bottles of codeine dem dey drink for only Kano and Jigawa states for inside Nigeria every day.

Bashir Mohammed Dan Kande wey represent di Emir of Kano for di event say na war dem dey for Kano ontop codeine and even oda drug addiction mata.

"Di problem big sotay I no fit explain am. For Kano di wahala touch every family in one way or di oda and no be just codeine syrup but many oda abusive substances."

"We hear say dem dey mix tom-tom and beer wit lizard poo to high."

"We need to reduce demand, goment need to also cut off supply and make dem do law wey go make am illegal to use those drugs wey get beta alternatives."

Image example Some sabi pipo dem say some musicians dey help promote di addiction wit dia songs and lifestyle

Di representative of di Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria Oluwatosin Adeyemi wey watch di film say dem get interest to get di details of dia pipo wey get hand inside di mata to make dem face di law.

"Everi pharmacist dey always talk say na ontop honour we dey stand so e pain me say colleagues fit get hand inside dis kain tin."

"Our society go also stand right as we don begin dey raise alarm since over a year now ontop dis medicine dem."

Meanwhile Emzor Pharmaceutical Industries Limited talk ontop dia facebook page say dem don fire dia sales rep wey sell codeine through back door for inside di film.

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