5 tins to do if you no wan be drug addict again

Boys wey gather dey take drug dey smoke igbo,

Human being fit become addict to different kain tins for life and if e happen, dis na some of di five tins wey you fit do if you no wan remain addict.

Pesin fit become addict to different kain tins and di common ones na drug, alcohol, gambling, work, internet, sex, shopping and tobacco or cigar.

But, oda kain tins dey wey pipo dey become addict to like or wen you inhale tins like petrol, glue or any kain solution wey dey make you high, some sef dey even inhale gutter.

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Image example Nigeria drug police NDLEA dey always seize and destroy plenti orishirishi hard drugs.

Hadiza Aliko Mohammed wey be founder for House of Recovery, Kaduna, say once pesin allow any of dis tins control dia life sotey dem no get power to stop am, dem don become addict be dat.

Wen you become addict to any of dis tins plus oda wans, plenti tins about you go change. Addict no get any control over di kain hunger to take drugs wey dey worry dem.

To use drug dey more important to dem pass family, work and even dia own health plus happiness.

Sign say dis na drug addiction

But how pesin wan know say wetin im dey see na drug addiction?

  • Wen dat medicine no dey work for your body again or you gatz use over dose before e go work.
  • If you feel like to vomit, or you dey shake, feel depress, dey restless or no see sleep sake of say you stay too long without di drug.
  • If you see yoursef dey take more dan di quantity wey you tell yoursef say you wan take.
  • You spend most of your time dey tink about di drug, how to get am, or dey recover from di high.
  • You abandon di activities wey you bin dey enjoy because of drugs.
  • You dey continue to use di drug even though say you know say e dey destroy you.

Andrew Dodo na teacher for Kaduna ministry of education and former addict wey don free from drug for 25 years, now im dey help odas recover from addiction.

Im say once pesin don notice two or three inside dis sign dem, na im be say e be addict.

Wetin you fit do to stop am

Different tins dey wey gatz to happen if pesin wey be addict no wan continue with dat kain life, dis na five of dem.

Addict na evribodi wahala

Most times, society dey feel say, pesin wey be addict, like am like dat and wen im tire, e go find way to stop di 'nonsense' wey e dey do.

Andrew say, dis wahala na evribodi wahala.

E say, "dis tin no be one pesin fight at all." For addicts to stop dat kain life, society go need to support dem seriously.

You suppose help yoursef

Pesin wey dey affected go need to do most of di work if e no wan remain addict. According to Andrew, "80% to 85% of di work dey im hand."

Even if family and friends wan make im leave di dangerous habit, weda pesin go recovery or not from addiction dey im own hand.

So to stop addiction, addict gatz to decide say, im wan beta life for imsef.

Na only him fit make dat decision and na only im fit help im sef stop di habit.

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Enta rehab

Some addict go need to get medical treatment because, only im no got fit overcome di palava alone.

Most time dem go need to enta rehabilitation centre where doctors go fit help dem gradually stop di addiction.

Hadiza talk say, some pipo addiction don bad sotey if dem try to stop di drug by demsef dem go die, so na only rehab be di ansa.

Join support group

To successfully stop addiction, di addict need to dey for group wey go help am make sure say e no go back to di bad habit.

Oyibo dey call dis one peer recovery support programme.

Di idea na to make sure say pipo wey dey suffer di same tin wit you go fit share how dem dey take manage di challenge of living dia life without dat tin wey dem dey addicted to.

No even start at all

Di most important one be say, if you neva start to touch drugs or substance, make you no even begin at all.

According to Hadiza, addiction be like hypertension and diabetes, e no get permanent cure.

For Andrew, e dey important to teach young pipo make dem understand say to be drug addict no be life at all.

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