Sweet sweet codeine: See wetin Kano pipo talk about codeine abuse for dia state

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E reach 3 million bottles of cough syrup wey pipo dey drink for Kano and Jigawa states evriday

BBC News Pidgin and Africa Eye bin do collabo film 'Sweet sweet codeine' to torchlight how pipo dey abuse cough syrup wey get codeine inside and how some pipo for drug companies dey use back door to sell di tin for black market.

Pipo for Kano, northern Nigeria don react afta dem see say di problem full dia state wella. Tori be say na like three million bottles of codeine dem dey abuse for Kano and Jigawa states for northern Nigeria everiday.

Di film wey BBC do don make Nigeria goment ban di production of cough syrup wey get codeine inside for di kontri kpata-kpata.

Minister of Health, Professor Isaac Odewale, explain say no be only production and importation dem ban oh, but also dem ban all pharmacy pipo make dem no sell syrup wey get codeine to anybodi without paper from doctor.

Nigeria First Lady Aisha Buhari bin tok say di way pipo dey drink codeine dey make fear catch am and Senate President Bukola Saraki say BBC don show say di problem don pass be careful.

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