Di number of Nigerian doctors wey dey work for UK dey double

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Di number of Nigerian doctors wey dey work for United Kingdom dey increase sharperly evri year.

Na Africa Check, organization wey dey torchlight facts, bring di report.

Dem say di number of Nigerian doctors wey register wit di UK General Medical Council increase by 89%.

Africa Check tok say "for 2016, na 245 doctors register for UK. Di number increase to 439 last year, wey mean say di number don reach 5,060."

Dem say dis year alone, na around 12 Nigerian doctors dey register evri week and by April 28, di number don reach 5,250.

Wen dem first start to gada di informate for 2006, na 2,692 Nigerian doctors dey UK register.

Dis kain tin wey correct talented Nigerian pipo go dey run comot di kontri go work for obodo oyibo dey common.

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