'I cry di whole night wen I find codeine inside my daughter handbag'

Girl wey dey drink codeine

BBC Hausa talk to one papa afta im find out say im daughter dey abuse codeine. Na for school for Kano State, northern Nigeria dem introduce her to di drug.

"I send my pikin go school. Wen she reach senior class, she come tell me say dem go dey do extra lessons afta school hours. I no know say she meet two women wey dey abuse codeine syrup for di school.

E reach one point wey be say she no dey come back house until afta 11pm. One day I waka enta her room and search her handbag while she bin dey sleep na so I come see bottle of syrup wey contain codeine wey dem dey call Biolyn (or Violyn). My pikin dey between 15 and 16 years. Wen we try to correct her, she go just stand up waka comot. She dey sleep pass normal and no dey eat for house.

Image example Even adults dey abuse codeine, according to sabi pipo

E dey pain me well-well and I no happy at all. I hate myself, no be even her, because of wetin she find herself into.

I dey very very sad and I cry because of am.

I spend di whole night dey cry di day I find dat bottle for her handbag. I never imagine say dat kain tin go happen to my family."

Codeine almost kill me - Former addict

Image example Most pipo dey fear say as goment don ban cough syrup wey get codeine, e go make pipo begin sell am for black market

Two former addicts for Kano State, Bashir and Umar talk say goment try as dey ban cough medicine wey get codeine inside but work still dey as oda drugs still dey.

Di two young pipo wey dey Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) rehab unit for Kano yan say dem use codeine for years and di tin almost kill dem.

"E good well-well as goment ban codeine. I take am for ten years and no be small tin I suffer", na so Bashir talk.

For Umar, e beta as senate president and oda big pipo chook mouth for di mata so dat di issue go get correct attention

NDLEA dey expect say codeine use go reduce for Kano

Image example Most pipo dey mix di codeine cough syrup wit tins like mineral or beer

Di oga for di rehab unit of di National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) for Kano State, Alhairi Munir Mustapha say as goment don ban cough medicine wey get codeine for Nigeria, im hope to see reduction in di number of drug users wey dem dey bring come dia side.

Also, oga kpata kpata for NDLEA Kano Command Hamza Umar say BBC try well well for di codeine documentary and e dey expect up to 70% reduction in di use of drugs in di next few years.

According to Umar, unto say Emir of Kano, deputy govnor and oda top pipo don put hand for di mata, e go help make sure di palava go reduce well well for di state.

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