Tramadol dey push pesin to wan commit suicide - Ghana FDA

Some pipo dey abuse painkillers like tramadol, codeine and morphine for different part of di world Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Some pipo dey abuse painkillers like Tramadol, codeine and morphine for different part of di world

Di Head of Tobacco and Substances Abuse Department inside Ghana Food and Drugs Authority (FDA)- Olivia Boateng, don advise pipo for public make dem no dey take Tramadol because fit push dem to commit suicide.

Madam Boateng talk dis one for di opening of di five-day training workshop for Pharmaceutical Crime Investigations and Intelligence wey dem do for Accra.

She say pipo wey dey abuse di drugs sometimes dey reason tins wey no dey exist, dem go climb high place and see am as normal height but by di time dem know wetin dey happen, dem don fall die.

She add say wen dis kain pipo dey on Tramadol, dem dey sometimes lose dia sense of judgement and if for example dem be driver, dem fit cause serious accident.

Im add say di most dangerous part of using Tramadol, na wen pesin mix am with oda tins like: energy drinks, alcohol, plus oda concoctions.

Madam Boateng say wen pesin take Tramadol with oda substances like energy drink, alcohol and odas, na serious danger e be to di body because e fit affect di nervous system, slow down how di brain suppose work, and lead to serious kidney failure wey dem call renal dysfunction.

Image copyright PIUS UTOMI EKPE
Image example Ghana Food and drug Authority say Tramadol dey make pesin lose im sense of judgement

No be only say Tramadol dey push pesin to wan kill imsef, e dey also cause headache, serious constipation, diarrhoea and drossiness, noisy or low breath, heart failure, slow down brain activities, infertility, impotency, irregular menstruations for women, e dey reduce pulse rate and odas.

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