Man lose en car to robbers, discover say police dey use am after 2 years

Ghana police

Thirty-two-year-old banker who almost die after car snatchers wey dress like police officers steal en car dey inside shock well-well after he discover say officer for Ghana Police Service dey use en stolen car for traffic inside.

Di four armed men attack Samuel Forson one evening at some place wey check like police checkpoint December 2015.

According to Samuel, "di armed men talk am say make he step out of di car den open en boot. As he comot, dem hit am, one of dem almost shoot am but another shout say make he no kill am. So dem throw am for di sea inside between Tema den Sakumono."

Two years on after Samuel see say someone dey use di car dem track di person, di police wey come say dem go effect arrest reveal give am say di person wey dey drive be police personnel.

He report di case give Police Intelligence and Professional Standards Department (PIPS) about how police dey use en stolen car, but PIPS conclude after demma investigations say di officer no do any wrong sake of dem assign am that vehicle.

Image example PIPS report also add that di police discover say someone abandon di car wey dem carry go demma station.

But according to Samuel Forson, di investigations be unsatisfactory as PIPS fail to answer why di police service no try contact him after dem get en car details from Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

"Dem go DVLA, get details of di car owner but dem deliberately refuse to contact me after DVLA give dem information of di owner" Mr Forson talk BBC Pidgin.

Besides di outcome of PIPS investigations, di police service no want talk on di matter, Samuel say he dey suspect cover up for demma personnel.

According to di complainant, he dey in touch with lawyers as dem go explore possible suit of di service over di matter sake of if like e be citizen wey dey drive en car, di police demma approach to di case go be different.

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