Urine test wey fit show if your pikin dey do codeine

Boy pours codeine cough syrup down his throat

Abuja wey be capital of Nigeria na ogbonge city and e get swag. But despite di beauty, codeine issue na big wahala here.

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Doctor Dayyabah say e get urine test wey parent fit use to know weda dia pikin dey use any kain drug, including codeine.

Dis na wetin Doctor Dayyabah Shaibu wey di treat pipo wey dey addicted to drugs tell BBC News pidgin.

She say since her practice for Abuja, most of di case for addiction na codeine and she happy say BBC Documentary don open pipo dem eye.

She add say codeine wahala no be onli for poor pipo as even rich pipo pikin dem di suffer am and na im make plenti private rehabilitation centre full Abuja.

Image example Dis na di urine kit wey u fit use for house to test your pikin to know if e dey take cough syrup wey get codeine

How u fit test your pikin for codeine

Doctor Dayyabah explain give say e get urine test kit wey parent fit use for house to know weda dia pikin dey use any kain drug including codeine.

Dey kit be like cup and e come get 12 different line with colour wey dey show di different drugs.

If your pikin piss inside di cup and im or her dey do drug, you go see one line show.

If im no dey do, two line go show and if you see one line show for down, den e mean say you no do am well.

Dayyabah say dis one dey necessary as e go help parent sabi wetin dey happen fast-fast and find help for dia pikin for hospital before dem go turn addict.

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