'President Buhari dey travel go meet London doctor wen Nigeria Health workers dey strike'

Image example Goment dey follow di workers wey dey strike to do talk-talk

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari don travel go London to check im health.

Na on Monday for di president official twitter handle im make di announcement say im dey do on Tuesday, 8 May.

But di tin be say Nigeria health workers don dey on strike for three weeks now and plenti patients dey for risk of dem life for goment hospitals.

Vice president for di join bodi of health workers for Nigeria (JOHESU), Comrade Obinna Ogbonna tell BBC Pidgin say dem no dey happy say di president leave di workers wey dey strike go abroad for im own health. Say di president for first settle di strike mata before im go travel.

"Our president wan abandon health workers go abroad to check im health. Im suppose lead by example, no be evri Nigerian go fit travel abroad for health check up."

"Goment suppose don do sometin about di strike, na pipo wey elect goment into power come dey suffer, e no suppose dey like dat", comrade Ogbonna talk.

Im say dem dey worri for patients, but say goment no wan treat dem mata well so dat dem go waka go back to work.

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Image example Dis no be di first time wey president Buhari dey travel abroad for health check up

President for di join Bodi of Medical Doctors we wey be Francis Adedayo tell BBC Pidgin say goment suppose put beta money for health sector so dat pipo no go dey travel abroad to check dem health.

"We need more funding for health sector to bring in more equipment so dat doctors go dey perform well".

Im talk say e no good say goment officials go dey travel abroad for health check up, say dem suppose dey use hospitals wey dey for Nigeria.

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