Ghana: Authorities start investigate pharmacies over Codeine den Tramadol sales

Cough syrup Image copyright Frankieleon

Pharmacy Council for Ghana say demma investigations reveal say some youth for Ghana dey abuse codeine like demma counterparts for Nigeria.

Di Regional Head of di Council, Christian Trebi Quao reveal say lately, dem discover say di Ghanaian youth dey mix codeine plus tramadol so say dem go get high.

Dem make dis discovery after demma investigations for 35 over-di-counter drug shops reveal say pharmacies dey sell combination of codeine den tramadol for Kumasi areas.

Although tramadol abuse come turn major subject for Ghana in di last few weeks, he argue say menerz pick up di codeine attitude from demma Nigerian counterparts sake of Ghana den Nigeria dey do business together more times.

Dis issue emerge after BBC Pidgin den Africa Eye investigations reveal say most Nigerians dey chop codeine syrup so say dem go make high, now di drug leave people for rehab sake of dem make addicted.

Nigeria ban codeine syrup dis week, but di Ghanaian counterpart although dem no take any action start dey look into how dem fit halt di abuse of codeine before e go make dangerous for Ghanaians youth.

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