Di money wey codeine syrup addiction dey swallow go shock you

Boy pours codeine cough syrup down his throat
Image example Thousands of young Nigerians dey drink cough syrup wey get codeine inside - medicine wey don turn to street drug

Last year December, di Nigeria Senate bin do meeting to decided how to take fight di problem of codeine addiction wey dey affect di young pipo of di kontri and even though goment don destroy drugs wey worth N1 billion, di problem still dey.

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Sweet Sweet Codeine: Di cough syrup wey dey destroy lives for Nigeria

Codeine and all di members of im family get heroin inside. Na ogbonge painkiller but e dey make pesin high if e take am plenti. If pesin dey use to am, e don become drug addict be dat and di tin fit to scatter pesin mind and body.

And wetin di youth for Nigeria wey don become addict dey spend in one year, no be small money. E go shock pipo to know say e reach almost N2million.

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'Sweet sweet codeine: Vex and shock as BBC show film about codeine syrup for Nigeria

Codeine cough syrup - cost of di problem

Inside di documentary Sweet Sweet Codeine wey BBC Pidgin do, we find out say for just two states for Nigeria - Kano and Jigawa - na 3 million bottles of codeine dem dey drink evriday.

To understand how di problem big reach, di kain money wey dey flow on top dis codeine syrup, make you look dis graphic wey get information on di mata.

Image example Di cost of codeine syrup addiction

Codeine cough syrup - size of di problem

  • Codeine na pain killer but e fit turn pesin to addict. If pesin take am too much, e fit make am kolo or destroy im organs.
  • Dem dey mix codeine with soft drink and na students dey drink am pass.
  • Na import dem dey import codeine, but more dan 20 pharmaceutical company dem dey make di syrup.
  • Nigeria Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) dey fight dis big palava. E neva too tey wey dem seize reach 24,000 bottles of codeine syrup from one single lorry for Katsina State.
  • Codeine addict na serious wahala for different parts of Africa, including Kenya, Ghana, Niger and Chad.
  • For 2016 India ban different kain of codeine dem sake of say plenti pipo don become addict.

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