29 million Ghanaians dey share 55 ambulances

Ambulance dey go for road Image copyright Getty Images

Recent figures wey emerge dey show say 29 million Ghanaians dey depend on only 55 correct ambulances across all ten regions.

People make disturbed sake of dis be health crisis as people no fit get emergency assistance when dem dey inside critical condition.

Recent checks by Accra-based CitiFm reveal say, di entire country get only 155 ambulances, but 100 spoil wey e lef just 55 which di entire Ghanaian population dey depend on.

Ghana get about 130 ambulance service stations wey each for get at least one ambulance, but sake ambulances no chaw most of di service centres dey operate without ambulance.

Di casualty as a result of accidents be high for Ghana sake of most accident victims no dey fit get ambulances for di emergency conditions dem dey inside.

Per di figures over 520,000 Ghanaians dey share 1 ambulance, which dey beyond di proposed ratio of 1 ambulance to 50,000 persons.

Sake of di situation, Ghanaians dey transport demma sick relatives to hospitals in commercial taxi, bus den private vehicles.

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