Nigerian professor don find 2 new malaria medicine

Di drug na to cure malaraia Image copyright PHILIPPE HUGUEN
Image example Di drugs go hit market soon after accreditation

One Nigerian professor, Umar Katsayel wey dey teach for faculty of Pharmaceutical sciences for Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, don find two Anti-Malaria medicine.

According to di professor, di drug fit compete wit any medicine for world wey dey treat malaria parasite.

Katsayel, tell local news agency NAN say, im make di medicine from root of Cissampelos Mucronata and di back of frangipani tree (Plumeria rubra) plant.

Dis plants dey very common for plenti community and some dey grow like grass sef.

Image copyright BT Wursten
Image example Cissampelos mucronata

E explain give say, di drugs don go through plenti exam for lab to know how good dem be before pipo go begin use am.

Im announce say, im go soon make di medicine public afta dem don check am wella and all di agency wey suppose, don approve am.

Katsayel say, time don pass for di kontri to dey depend on white pipo to find disease plus find medicine to treat am.

Image copyright Heru Purwanto
Image example Katsayel say back of frangipani tree (Plumeria rubra) dey fit cure malaria

Malaria na big gbege for Nigeria and almost 400,000 thousand pipo dey die of di disease everi year.

Statisctics also show say one pikin dey die from malaria every two minutes.

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