Birnin Gwari: Goment go launch new military and police division

Birnin Gwari from Kaduna State

Nigeria Presidency say dem go tear rubber new military battalion plus police command dem for Birnin Gwari, Kaduna state for north west Nigeria.

Di office of di president use twitter announce say, dem go bring new military battalion, police area command, plus two divisional police HQs come di area to increase security.

More than fifty pipo na im die afta gunmen attack for Birnin-Gwari local goment on Saturday. Many of di pipo wey die na women and pikin dem.

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari don talk say di attack na sometin wey no good at all.

Federal goment say dem go collabo wit Kaduna goment and notin dem no go do, to deal wit di bad pipo wey kill-kill anyhow for di state and oda areas wey get palava.

Meanwhile as goment dey talk dia own, di burial ceremony of ova 50 pipo wey dem kill for weekend happen for Birnin-Gwari.

Elder statesman Atiku Abubakar and Senator Shehu Sani wey dey represent Kaduna Central na some of di pipo wey don chook mouth on top dis palava.

Abubakar talk say, dis attack wey happen for Birnin Gwari dey pain and im feel say, pipo no get respect for oda pipo life again for Nigeria.

Sani talk say dis herdsmen or Bandits wey dey do dis kain 'massacre' for Taraba, Benue, Zamfara and Birnin Gwari for Kaduna na terrorists.

As attack afta attack don happen for dis area, communities dem for dia don start to dey organise vigilante groups to give dem protection.

One vigilante man for Gwaska, Birnin Gwari area talk say di armed men don attack four times before, sake of say di villagers no gree allow dem settle for dia area.

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Image example Governor of Kaduna State Nasir Elrufai

Kaduna governor Mallam Nasiru El-Rufai don lead state officials go Birnin Gwari to see wit dia own eye wetin happen for dia.

Di governor use dis chance to share di pain im dey feel unto dis attacks and show dem goment plan to give di area serious security wey e need.

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