University of Zambia library don give 'half naked' students red card

Dikina Muzeya Image copyright Dikina Muzeya
Image example Student Dikina Muzeya say men students suppose face dia book

One top university for Zambia don draw ear give female students say, if dem wan show for di school library make cover dem sef well well.

Authorities for di University of Zambia talk say, girls wey dey dress half-naked no dey gree di men student look dia book at all.

Di University of Zambia, wey dey di kontri capital for Lusaka - don carry dis warning put for notice board for di library.

Zambia na one kontri for southern Africa wey dia culture no dey gree bad tins, but students for di university dey enjoy fashion well well.

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''E don reach our ear say some female students dey dress half-naked wen dem show for library, dis na somtin wey dey disturb our male students,'' dis na wetin di notice for di library talk.

''We wan advice female students dem say make dem dress well well wen dem dey university areas. Na simple dressing correct pass!''

'Look your book, no look legs'

But some female students no dey gree see eye to eye wit dis advice.

"If your plan na to go read for library, wetin go make you dey look di leg of woman?" third-year student Dikina Muzeya tell BBC.

"Just chook eye for your books, that na all," she talk.

Image copyright Dikina Muzeya

But. male student like Killion Phiri dey in support of wetin di library talk.

"You know how di bodi of women be like magnet to us men" Phiri tell BBC.

"How pesin fit focus wen woman enta library wit mini-skirt or a tight dress? E go make you to dey start to think about other tins and you no go focus."

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