Ebola for DR Congo: Immigration don begin shine eye for Nigeria airports

Health workers in isolation ward, southern Guinea (1 April) 2014 Image copyright AFP
Image example Na healthcare workers dey risk of Ebola infection pass

Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) say dem don tie dia wrapper strong kakaraka to ensure say Ebola no enta ki kontri afta di disease begin kill pipo again for Democratic Republic of Congo.

NIS tok-tok pesin Sunday James tell BBC Yoruba say immigration workers go begin shine dia eyes well well for airports and dey use more thermometers to check passengers.

We dey send signal to all di border point wey pesin go take enta di kontri. Di plan na to ensure say any case of Ebola dem suspect, dem go sharperly hand ova to health officials for airport.

Dis na mata wey everybodi must dey concerned and join hand togeda stop."

During di 2014 wey Ebola disease spread inside West Africa, more than 11,000 people die - especially for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

Ebola also spread to Nigeria wen Patrick Sawyer, wey bin carry di virus, fly enta di kontri from Liberia.

Di way Nigeria respond to di palava chop praise. Eight people die dat time, including Stella Ameyo Adadevo, di doctor wey first trest oga Sawyer and help to ensure say more wahala from Ebola no happen dat time for Nigeria.

Ebola deaths from 1976 to 2014

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