Nigeria: Port Harcourt pipo dey wonda weda hurricane happen

Flood water for road

"Which kain rain fall for Port Harcourt eh? And raining season neva start proper proper!"

Dis na di kweshon Port Harcourt pipo for south south Nigeria dey ask after rain fall destroy plenti tins on Monday 7 May.

Image example Di rain comot roof for di city

Many of di pipo wey dey live dia post picture for social media of di plenti tins wey spoil come dey wonder weda na hurricane wey happen for Pitakwa abi di gods don dey vex.

Odas dey tank God say pesin no die even though say plenti pipo no go get light for some time sake of say many electric pole fall and di roof for many house fly comot. Some even come dey wonda for di ice block wey follow di rain fall as dem neva see am before.

Up till now BBC News Pidgin neva get report say pesin die for all di destruction wey happen.

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