Ebola: DR Congo don confam new outbreak for di kontri

Ebola Image copyright AFP
Image example last year Ebola kill four pipo for DR Congo.

Di goment of Democratic Republic of Congo don declare say Ebola outbreak don happen for north-west of di kontri.

Di health ministry confam say two pipo get di virus and 17 pipo don die.

Dis one wey happen for Bikoro town dey come afta four pipo die last year for di outbreak.

For 2014, more than 11,000 people die for Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Dem declare di outbreak afta lab results confam two cases of Ebola out of five suspected patients, na wetin World Health Organization (WHO) tok.

"Our concern now na to go Bikoro so we fit work wit di goment," na wetin WHO Peter Salama tok for statement.

"To work wit partners and to respond quick and get beta plan for ground dey very important to contain di disease."

Di international health organisation say e don release $1m (£738,000) from dia emergency fund and e don send more than 50 experts dem to with with officials dem for di kontri.

Dis na di ninth time wey Ebola dey show for DR Congo. Na for 1976 dem discover di virus for di kontri (wen di kontri name still be Zaire) and dem name am afta di Ebola river.

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