Ramadan: Wetin market pipo dey expect as fasting wan start

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E remain exactly one week wey Muslims go start dia yearly Ramadan fasting.

Kano, for northern Nigeria, na di state wey Muslims plenti pass. BBC News Pidgin enta Yar Kasuwa market to ask wetin dem dey expect.

Most Nigerians still dey complain say ground no level as per pocket mata even though goment tok say di kontri economy don bounce back from recession of last two years.

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Image example Kano na di commercial capital for northern Nigeria

Mallam Shehu Jubrin wey dey sell tomato and oda vegetables tok say e dey expect low sales dis year because pipo wey dey buy from am dey always complain of no money.

"Di truth be say, money no dey pipo hand so I no dey expect more sale for dis fasting period, because most of my customers now dey always chop credit."

"Before, for one day, I dey sell reach ten baskets of tomato but now to one hard. E show you di level wey we dey as fasting dey come."

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Image example For 2006, poultry business suffer well-well because of di avian flu palava. But tins don normal since dat time

Mallam Hussaini Ango, wey dey sell yam and tomato tok say e dey expect pipo to buy more from am because Ramadan fasting na period wey be say im products dey do well.

He also yan say some poor pipo dey always stay away from am because dem dey consider yam and potato as rich man food because of say dem no hold money.

"By di grace of God I go sell more but evribodi no say ground no too level and for my goods, no be evribodi fit afford because some dey see yam and potato as rich man food."

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