'Na fuel water we dey use cook and baff'

Pipo wey dey live for Akoka community for Lagos State don accuse one filling station - Total say dem dey put dia life for danger.

Pipo for di community tell BBC Pidgin say petrol dey leak for di Total filling station underground tank and e don spoil all di water wey dem dey pump for di area. Say some of dem dey drink di water, dey use am cook and baff.

BBC Pidgin speak to Aleem Maruf wey dey incharge of di Total Filling Station Akoka wey no gree make we show im face. Im talk say Total don do wetin goment say make dem do to compensate di pipo wey dey affected. Say Total don give dem new-new tank and dey supply dem with water evri three days. Im add say di filling station give some of dem pumping machine and washing machine to help dem.

But di pipo still dey talk say Total never do di right tin. Jonathan Iwelu wey dey live for di area say: "We pump di water put for gutter, come see say di water don change colour, dey smell petrol petrol. Somebodi put fire for di water wey we pour inside gutter, di water catch fire. Dem suppose do water analysis so dat we go know weda di water don dey good to drink".

Image example Jonathan Iwelu say di water dey smell like petrol

Enuka Umeike wey her house dey affected talk say "Total don expose us to plenti disease wey fit affect us later later, we get plenti small small children hia, dem dey drink di water, dey play and baff with am even some adults. But dem no know say di water fit give dem disease, if na for foreign land, Total for don come handle di mata as e suppose be, we no wan go court but we don tell goment".

Image example Enuka Umeike say Total don expose dem to plenti plenti disease

Professor Francis Duru wey be lecturer for College of Medicine, University of Lagos talk say "If pesin drink water wey mix wit petrol e fit kill pikin wey dey inside belle, e go fit make dem get cancer later later, fit damage organs wey dey inside bodi".

Image example Lead, benzene and oda chemicals wey dey inside patrol fit damage human organs

Okami Okaabi wey be Health and Safety professional say wen underground water mix with petrol, e go tey well well before dem go fit clean am comot. Say Total suppose set up medical surveillance for di pipo wey di tin affect, come relocate dem.

Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) wey be di goment bodi for environment mata no gree chook mouth, dem say make we go ask di Total Filling Station Dealer for Akoka wetin dem don do.

Many communities for di Niger Delta area of southern Nigeria dey suffer from oil pollution, but e no dey common to see filling station wey dia underground tank dey leak fuel.

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