Why I carry Oxford University go Igbosere court and no be obodoyibo - Lawyer

Di lawyer dey argue say pipo all over di world dey rely on Oxford for di definition of English word Image copyright Getty Images

Nigerian lawyer Ogedi Ogu, don explain di reason why im take University of Oxford and Oxford University Press go Lagos High Court for Igbosere instead of obodo oyibo kontri.

Mr Ogu sue Oxford to pay im client, Emmanuel Ofoegbu, N10 million as damage, because dem no give di correct definition of "mortgagee'' and "mortgagor" inside dia dictionary and dis mistake don make im client wey be also lawyer to suffer.

Mr Ogu say before now, im client na consultant to plenti lawyers and during one of im work, e go give advise base on wetin e see for Oxford dictionary but dem later find out say e no correct.

Dem find out say only Oxford dictionary na im define di word "Mortgagee'' as di Borrower for any Mortgage business and "Mortgagor'' as Lender.

Im tell BBC New Pidgin say Igbosere high court get 'very wide jurisdiction' to judge dis kain mata and no be only marriage mata dem dey judge as pipo dey tink.

"Di mata against Oxford dey based on di law of thought and di court get di power to judge am."

"Wetin cause dis mata happen for here. My client buy di Oxford mini dictionary for Lagos state, Nigeria and im also dey stay for here."

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Image example University of Oxford and Oxford University Press na defendant for di mata wey di lawyer carry go court

Mr Ogu wey say court neva fix special date for di hearing of di mata, dey hope say di court go stop and order Oxford to put warning for dia dictionary all over di world, for readers to use am as reference and anybodi wey wan use am for legal or financial advice, dey on im own.

E say before di mata go court, dem first send demand notice give Oxford to inform dem about di damage wey dia dictionary don to dia client.

"Afta some time, Oxford reply us and agree say dem make mistake but dem no dey ready to settle our client."

Oxford legal director bin reply Mr Ogu say dia dictionaries na for pipo to use only as reference tool and dem no go take blame for pesin take to use am.

But Mr Ogu dey argue say Oxford suppose stamp dis dia reply as warning for all dia dictionaries all over di world.

"If you look di front page of dia dictionary you go see say dem write 'di world most trusted dictionary' inside."

"Why dem dey mislead our client and pipo for public with dat? E go dey beta make dem put dat dia reply for di face of di dictionary."

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