'Employer say I too speak big-big English to get di job'

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To find job for Nigeria na mathematics unto say di number of pipo wey dey find di work plenti pass di jobs wey dey ground.

As tins dey, di wahala no go improve any time soon as di population of Nigeria don blow reach almost 200 million and most of dem na young pipo.

You go feel say, no be your fault if you no get job.

''Di job market hard.''

''Di competition too hot.''

''Di jobs wey l fit do dey scarce.''

But di truth be say, even as di market hard, employers still dey give pipo work.

And di only place you fit get chance to sell your market, get di job, na for interview.

Some pipo follow BBC News Pidgin yan wetin dem feel say dem no do correct for job interview.

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I too clean for new job - Emmanuella

Emmanuella say her own palava wen she bin dey chook eye for one job be say, her level pass di job.

She say: ''Na just 2017 l bin dey target one marketing job unto say e no get stress and di package dey on point''.

''But dem tell me say my fine jacket, Queen's English and di way l dey cari mysef too much for di job''.

''Dem tell me say customers no go see me as a serious marketer, unto say l too clean for marketer job''.

Di tin pain her sake of for her mind she fit do di job well well.

She tell BBC Pidgin say, if to say she no before she show for di interview, she for dress rugged and even speak Pidgin for di interview.

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Dem tell me say l no get experience - Augustine

Augustine, wey dey do media work, talk say na experience mata na im block im chance for one sweet job.

''Afta l apply for one senior position for Freetown, Sierra Leone capital city, dem call me make l write test and interview'' Augustine tell BBC Pidgin.

''If you ask me, l try no be small, evri question dem ask me, l drop answer wey make sense''.

But di company no give Augustine work, dem write am e-mail tell am say im no get experience.

Augustine fire im own e-mail tell dem say: ''No be lie my experience no plenti but how l go get progress if una no give me work?''

Image example Nkiru Emodi na shoemaker and she happy say, even as woman, pipo don accept say her shoes na good shoes

I no get di skills dem want - Princess

Princess, wey read literature, talk say after University unto say job scarce, she ready her mind to do anytin.

So fear no gree catch am wen she see one advert for accountant, afta all no be just to count money.

''For my mind I dey tink say na just interview l go do, so l surprise wen dem call me say make l come write test''.

Inside di hall, pipo bone dey write di test, as for Princess, she just dey look like pesin wey don loss.

''Wen l see different kain question wey dey talk about ledger, debit and credit l confuse''.

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Di tin pass Princess power sotay, she no know wen she cari her two leg begin try comot from di hall.

''I learn lesson dat day, l no dey apply for job wey l no get di skills dem dey find.''

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Image example Ime Umoyo

Experience na di koko - Ime

Ime Umoyo, wey be HR expert, tell BBC News Pidgin say employers dey like to give work to pipo wey sabi well well.

Umoyo say if na work wey no need experience like dat, den employers fit close eye look oda areas.

Im talk say: ''For fresh jobs, employers go chook eye for oda tins like 'attitude', 'behaviour' and di ginger of di candidate to wan learn new tins pass experience''.

''But if na senior job wey need plenti experience, e dey natural make employers dey find pesin wey get ogbonge skills wey im fit bring come di job''.

Umoyo say if pesin enta interview room, di three ingredient wey im suppose cari enta na:

  • Shine your teeth wit smile,
  • No di 1+1 and abc for di job,
  • Get one kain swagger.

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