Nigeria Senate vs Police, who get mouth?

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IGP dey wrong to bone senate

Nigeria police say di declaration of di senate say di Inspector General of Police, Idris Ibrahim, no suppose to occupy any office equal to blackmail, witch-hunting and say na somtin wey no pure.

On Wednesday 9 May 2018, oga Idris no gree show for Senate, di third time wey di lawmakers call di police oga wey e go refuse to show even after dem report am give president Muhammadu Buhari.

Di Senate come vex issue statement say di Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Idris na danger to democracy and im no dey qualified to hold any position for di kontri and abroad.

Police dey defend dia oga say im dey busy and im bin send representative go meet wit di senators dem but dem no gree listen.

Dem say di 1999 Nigeria constitution and di Police Act & Regulations give di IGP di chance to send senior officer DIG or AIG to act on im behalf.

How di mata waka

On April 25, di Senate invite Mr Ibrahim to come meet dem on top di arrest of Senator Dino Melaye."

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'Dino dey do like agbero'

"Di IGP dey official assignment wit di president for Bauchi on di same day dem invite am, e come send im deputies wey know about di mata to go brief di senators."

"But di senate no gree listen to dem."

Dem also say Dino mata wey dey court also prevent di police oga to appear before di senate.

"On May 8, di Inspector-General send letter give Senate President Bukola Saraki to explain why e no go fit appear di following day because of legal issue."

Na so police tok ontop twitter.

Wetin Nigeria law tok?

One lawyer wey sabi politics well-well, Liborous Oshoma, say di senate na di cause of di boning wey dem dey chop ontop di hand of di Inspector General of Police.

"Na wetin di national assembly don turn demsef to dats why dem go invite di IGP wey dey draw pay from taxpayers money."

"Di Senate, wey dey represent taxpayers, go invite pesin to come explain somtin and di pesin go tok say im send im junior officer instead because im dey busy."

"I don read di Inspector-General statement say e quote section 215(1a) of di constitution, but e no give am power say you fit send pesin to represent you but maybe some sections for di police act."

Oshoma say di mata straight again because of how Senate turn am to Dino Melaye mata, instead of all di herdsmen killing wey dey happen for di kontri.

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