No tuition fee, but Nigerian students still dey pay plenti money for federal Universities

Main gate of University of Lagos

Wia dis foto come from, PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP

Afta Federal Executive Council meeting last two weeks, Nigeria goment say e dey illegal for any federal university to collect tuition fee from dia students.

Minister of State for Education, Anthony Anwuka, say, "as par law, no federal university suppose charge school fees."

But BBC don find out say even though dem no dey collect tuition fee, e get plenti oda money wey dem dey charge students for federal universities.

E get oda kain fees wey dem dey charge students and different federal universities dey charge different amount.

Wia dis foto come from, Michael Sean Gallagher

For Abdullahi Bayero University, Kano, northern Nigeria, new students dey pay about 34,000 naira (US$94) as 'general registration charge,' den pay about 12,000 naira (US$33) as acceptance fee plus accommodation.

Di minister bin say students fit pay oda kain fees o, but make e be amount wey dem go fit pay.

Wia dis foto come from, BUK

University of Lagos sef dem no dey pay school fees, but all di small small money wey new students dey pay reach 68,500 naira (US$189). Some sef dey pay pass dat one depending on di department.

Just to show say dem accept di admission, freshers for Unilag dey pay 20,000 naira ($55), den some department collect 15,000 naira ($41) as department fee. Some oda ones collect pass dat amount sef.

So, even though dem no call am tuition fee, di moni wey parents gatz to pay for dia pikin to go university no be hia.

Oga Anwuka bin say allegations dey say some schools dey charge students per course unit, wey im say dey illegal and must stop.


E no dey strange at all say na now Nigeria federal goment dey chook mouth on top school tuition fee mata to say di tin dey illegal.

For many many years now, students for federal universities don dey protest at different times say di moni wey dem dey ask dem to pay for school too much. But nobody wan hear dia own.

Anoda question na, which difference dis goment announcement go make since e be say, most federal university, no dey collect tuition fee par say, but dem still dey sama students wit too much moni wey dem parents no fit to pay.

Although parents dey happy say, hopefully wit dis new decision dia wahala go reduce, di koko of di mata be say no be all federal school dey call di fees wey students dey pay tuition fee.

Di question na, why goment bin keep quiet all dis time.

Di ansa no far. Most if no be all of Nigerian politicians dey send dia pikin dem go abroad go school.

So maybe dem no know wetin dey happen for inside Nigeria universities.