Sudan police don arrest suspects wey kill Nigerian diplomat

Three Sudan policemen stand dey look Image copyright AFP

Police for Sudan don arrest plenti pipo wey dem suspect say na dem kill one Nigerian diplomat for di kontri.

Authorities find di dead bodi of Habibu Almu for im house for Sudan capital Khartoum on Thursday.

Police tok-tok pesin, Omar al-Mokhtar, tok say dem bin tink say na terrorist attack before.

Mr Mokhtar tok say dem don gbab plenti pipo on top di mata.

Nigeria Embassy for di kontri neva put mouth for di case.

Even though plenti gbege don shele for di southern and western region of di kontri, di capital no dey see violence.

President Omar Hassan al-Bashir don rearrange di security for di kontri sotay im change di ogas of di army and intelligence service for February.

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