Why Obasanjo Movement dey join hand wit political party

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Image example Wen Obasanjo bin tear im card, some pipo bin say all na drama

Wen for 2015 former Nigeria president Olusegun Obasanjo tear im People's Democratic Party (PDP) card come comot di party, im bin tok say im no go do party politics again for di kontri but go dey only chook mouth as elder statesman.

As e be say im dey live for im farm for Otta, Ogun State, pipo bin tink say Obasanjo go concentrate on im retirement. But di song start to change wen im begin write letter to President Muhammadu Buhari dey yab im goment.

Di tin come strong kakaraka for early dis year for January, wen im form di Coalition for Nigeria Movement afta im write letter give President Buhari say im don fail and say make im no contest for 2019 election.

Obasanjo bin say di Movement no be for politics, and say if e ever turn political, say im go wash hand comot.

So many pipo come surprise wen on Thursday, Obasanjo make announcement say im Movement - Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM) don join di African Democratic Congress party (ADC).

Wetin all dis Movement dem want?

Image example Olisa Agbakoba get im own Movement

Olisa Agbakoba wey be Senior Advocate of Nigeria and co-chairman of Nigeria Intervention Movement- 3rd Force, tell BBC Pidgin say wetin dey happen be say all di Movement dem go work togeda as one big coalition wit Obasanjo and im ADC and oda parties dem wey go come out, to get one voice for di 2019 election.

"Many of us dey concerned wen we see wetin dey happen wit democracy, rule of law and corruption so we come decide to form Movements like Obasanjo CNM, my own NIM, Oby Ezekwesili Red Card but we discover say we fit get challenge."

"We get meeting two weeks ago with di former president Obasanjo and we agree say we no go win election wit Movements but na party dey win so we agree to carry our Movement dem join party."

"Wetin happen two days ago na say Obasanjo Movement CNM don adopt ADC and we too dey in di process of concluding which party we sef go adopt," na so Agbakoba tok.

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"Na youths time to rule but some graduates no get sense" - Wole Soyinka

Wetin happen for 2015 fit happen for 2019?

For 2015, di ruling party di All Progressive Congress join bodi wit oda parties dem and na dis strategy dem use take win election.

E fit work again dis time?

Tori pesin wey sabi politics well-well, Kayode Ladeinde tell BBC Pidgin say e fit no easy like dat.

"Even though former presidents dem get power e fit dey difficult to collect power from APC without di support of di main opposition PDP and as Obasanjo continue to dey diss PDP e fit backfire and ADC no go fit make impact."

"PDP get 11 governors, 30 to 35 representatives for di federal Legislature so dia number na asset for any political party."

"Again, wetin dey happen na coalition and no be merger, APC na merger between parties wey dey exist like ACN, ANPP, CP, faction of APGA and NPDP but for di case of ADC now di time to fit merge no dey realistic before die 2019 election." Ladeinde tok.

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