India man don kill imsef sake of $13,000 electric bill

Jagannath Shelke
Image example Jagannath Shelke

One vegetable seller for India don kill imsef afta dem nack am electric bill of $13,00 for di western state of Maharashtra.

Jagannath Shelke, 36, drop letter before im die, wia im talk say di bill dey very high, im family tell BBC.

Wetin im no know be say, di electric company do mistake, di correct bill na only $41.

Di Shelke family dey claim say officials no help dia pikin wen im go dia office go complain plenti times.

Police don nack letter give one official of di electric board say im get hand inside di mata.

Di board don also suspend di official afta pipo begin share Shelke final letter for social media.

Di mistake be say dem charge Shelke bill wit "61178" units of electricity, instead of di "6117.8" units wey im use for March.

Suresh Ganeshkar, wey be senior engineer for di electricity company talk say dem no fit do anytin on top di mata unto say Shelke no write letter give di board.

Vittal Shelke, wey be brother of di victim talk say, ''eight days ago my brother call me say I owe di board plenti money and officials dey tell am say dem go seize im property''.

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