Yahoo yahoo and di Nigeria musicians wey celebrate internet fraud

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Image example Na pipo wey dey live for yankee internet fraudsters dey target

Advance fee fraud aka 'yahoo yahoo' or '419' na serious financial crime for Nigeria but some how, some pipo no see am as bad tin.

Despite say law dey for Nigeria to punish pipo wey dey do am, some pipo still dey wey believe say 'yahoo' na hustle, say no be crime.

Infact sef, some musicians don sing song wey dey like say dem dey celebrate am for dia music.

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For some years now, different ogbonge musicians don use dia songs hail yahoo business like say na beta tin and Nigerians kwanu dey dance to di music like say to be 'yahoo boy' no be crime.

Di list of songs wey praise yahoo boys and dia 419 business fit full one album, but make we see three wey hammer wella for clubs and party for Nigeria.

Yahoozee - Olu Maintain 2008

Image copyright Olu Maintain/Instagram
Image example Olu Maintain

Your remember how you take rock Olu Maintain 'Yahoozee'? Di song sef bin win Hottest single of di Year award for Nigeria Entertainment Award 2008.

Di song sweet sotey US Secretary of State Collin Powell, follow Olu climb stage wen im bin perform am for Royal Albert Hall for London.

'Maga don pay' - Kelly Handsome 2008

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Image example Kelly Hansome

Kelechi Orji aka Kelly Hansome song 'Maga don pay' collect shine from Olu Maintain 'Yahoozee' for 2008.

Most pipo go struggle to remember any oda song by Kelly Handsome wey no be dis one, wia im talk about 'maga' wey be victim of internet fraud.

I go chop your dollar - Nkem Owoh 2004

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Image example Nkem Owoh

Popular nollywood actor Nkem Owoh aka Osuofia branch enta music for 2004.

And di song wey im come dey popular for, na one wia im talk about how to take use magomago chop foreigner money.

Di music wey im bin sing for 2004 reign well well but financial crime police EFCC and Nigeria Broadcast Commission ban di song.

Di words wey dey inside 'I go chop you dollar' na typical example of music wey show 419 like say no be crime at all. Di musician describe am as "just a game, everibodi dey play am."

Netherland goment bin arrest 'Osuofia' plus 111 pipo for wia im dey perform for music show for Amsterdam afta 7 month investigate on top lottery fraud and for breaking immigration law but dem later release am.

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For recent years sha musicians no dey sing yahoo praise songs again for many reason including say, many of di young musicians today na ajebo pikin dem.

Still, weda dis kain song follow make pipo mind no see yahoo yahoo as crime, e hard to talk for sure.

Di truth still remain say, music and celebrities dey always influence wetin and how pipo for society dey tink or even dey behave sometimes.

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