Arsene Wenger dey find im next job, something short

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Former Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, wey just comot for di Emirates afta dia last game against Huddersfield for Sunday, 13 May, no get any plan to retire.

Wenger, wey don become di longest head coach for Europe afta im manage di Gunners for 22 years, don already update im CV unto say im dey find im next job.

Di only tin wey go different from im last job for Arsenal be say na only short-term projects dey ginger am.

Di Frenchman talk say e no go tey before im go begin dey tink wia im wan cari im leg enta next, and na only clubs wey ready to do big tins im go like tanda wit.

''I go like project wey dey endowed, wey make sense, wey get plenti energy and get mind to win unto say, for di age wey l don reach, I no fit work for 20 years again,'' na wetin Wenger tok.

E follow tok say: ''If di project go get quick returns for short time, e go make sense for very long time''.

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Wenger talk say im don get plenti clubs wey dey find am but im never siddon wit anybody for now.

Di 68-year-old manager no go mind to manage top club wey dey Europe, but im no go mind if na director of football dem give am.

Tori wey don dey spread be say France club, Paris Saint-Germain, get interest in Wenger, make im join dia board.

But one tin wey sure be say, Wenger no get any plan to join another English team.

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For im final press conference after Arsenal nack Huddersfield 1-0, im say im no fit imagine di day wia im go face Arsenal, as manager of anoda team.

''As e dey so, I no ready for that, e go hard me. But if e happen say na so e be, l no go show for stadium, l go cross leg, sidon for house.''

''Na true clubs for England dey find me, but l never sidon rapport wit anybody.''

''I just comot for club afta long time, so l no fit just announce di next morning say, see o, l don know wia l wan enta next, e no dey work like that, e no dey possible''.

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