'My breast wan kill me'

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'My breasts wan kill me'

Na sleep Violet J dey sleep for one night wen she begin feel sometin dey press her for neck. As she open eye, na her breasts wey she see say dey press her.

E go hard many pipo to believe say woman breast fit suffocate her, but for some women wey get big breast, na di kain issues wey dem dey face.

"Since den, I no dey fit sleep for my back", she talk.

Violet wey don born two pikin, say she dey get issues like back and shoulder pain plus di weight of di breasts wey she say dey heavy well-well.

But for her mind, she know wetin go fit solve di wahala.

"Na surgery I need," she talk.

Big breast no be medical condition

Image copyright Aranmolate Ayobami/LinkdIn
Image example Dr Aranmolate Ayobami say dis kain big breast no too dey common

Dr Aranmolate Ayobami wey be cosmetic surgeon, say big breast wey dey give women issues dey happen but e no dey very common.

E say for medical field dem dey call am Macromastia and say dem no really know wetin dey cause am.

"I don operate like five to ten women in di last two years because of big breast, or giant breast as we dey call am.

"Wen woman start to complain of back ache, bra lines, injury. Anybodi wey get very big breast wey dey give dat kain pain for back. Or anybodi wey dia breast dey too big for dia size or age, na big breast be dat. For some books, dem go say any breast wey big pass 1.5kg na Giant Breasts be dat.

Im still talk say: "Dat na huge breast. A very huge breast wey dey like big bottle of Eva water. Most times any woman wey dey above D cup, na big breast. Di moment you start to reach E, G, H dat na big breast."

"Average woman suppose wear between C and D in terms of di cup size," im talk.

Any health implications?

Image example Violet say pipo don shame her before because of her big breast

"No health implication asides di pain. Notin to fear, na just big breast.

"Di solution na breast reduction. Wetin we dey do na to cut off some part of di breast in order to reduce di size. And na plastic surgeon or breast surgeon go do am.

"I go advise women wey get big breast not to too worry. Make dem just go di nearest hospital wey dey deal with breast or visit plastic surgeon and dem go solve di problem."

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