'E say make I kill my pikin, I refuse, e pour me acid'

  • Dooshima Abu
  • BBC News Pidgin, Abuja
Wetin we call dis Video,

Meet Grace, di woman wey her lover baf acid for Abuja, Nigeria

Grace Ugwu bin loss her husband wen she dey young and as a mother of three pikin.

She dey sell food and drink to feed her pikin dem, for Abuja wey be Nigeria capital city.

Her hope for love come rise as e meet one Mr. Shedrach wey tell her say he wan marry her.

She happy say at last she don find love again but all her hope dabaru after di man tell her to kill her only son so that dem go be togeda.

She refuse di arrangement and di only revenge di man get na to pour her acid.

"I no know say i go survive at all, I thank God"

She say sometime pipo dey laugh her but she no go allow dat one break her down.

Officers for Utako police station bin catch Mr. Shedrach and transfer am go di state CID where dem carry am go court.

Dem say dem no believe say grace go survive di attack.

Afta plenti court talk-talk dem come put am for prison for Keffi .