Anglophone crisis: Cardinal Christian Tumi say President Biya no want shiddon tok

Christian Tumi
Image example His Eminence, Cardinal Christian Tumi

Anglophone crisis no di finish because President Paul Biya no wan shiddon tok. Na weti Cardinal Christian Tumi tok.

His Eminence, Cardinal Christian Tumi check say if Anglophone crisis weh e start since last year di continue just now na President Biya no wan for shiddon tok.

"Ah tink say President no want weti weh all man di call dialogue, make we kam shiddon tok, Anglophone dem and goment for dis kontri, make dey sit and tok. If we bin sit and tok palava bi don finish", e tok e mind for BBC News Pidgin.

De former Bishop for Yagoua say for solve Anglophone palava, commission must bi for shine eye for de problem and propose for president weti for do.

Image copyright Rev Father Humphrey Mbuy
Image example International Crisis Group analyse say Catholic church fit promote dialogue for end de crisis weh e di finish pipo and dia property for Anglophone regions

But e condition na say, "Anglophone dem get for shiddon tok as group, tell kontri weti dey want, because deh don bi divided, some wan dem say make we cut off and bi one kontri, me ah no dey me for day wan. Some wan say make we go back for federal republic, anoda wan say how weh constitution for 1966 bi tok, make deh decentralize, make all power no bi only for Yaoundé, get regions and elect governors dem". Na de reason dis weh Cardinal Tumi say make Anglophones dem shiddon tok.

De religious leader say ministers dem from Anglophone region no di tell President Biya de true situation for weti weh e di happen for Northwest and Southwest regions, weh plenti army and civilians don die.

De emeritus arch-bishop for Douala weh e number two, of e four book, e bi don write about Anglophone problem deh publish some e interviews dem for dis mata say for 11 years problem no bi dey kontri.

For e, de root cause for de problem na say de pipo weh deh di govern de kontri no keep de promise for de decision weh deh bin takeam for reunification.

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