How many years you go live?

Life Expectancy

Women dey live pass men for 195 kontris of di world and Ethiopia pipo today, dey live 19 years pass di age wey dem dey live reach for 1990.

Enta your information below to take know how long you go live reach (life expectancy) based on your age, kontri and gender.

Di average global life expectancy from birth na 72 - dat na 70 for men and 75 for women. But dis fit change based on person age. For example, person wey bi 69 fit live for anoda 17 years on average.

Di kontris wey get highest life expectancy take 34 years senior di kontris wey get di lowest life expectancy.

Dis na some di tins wey di BBC life expectancy calculator don torchlight. Di calculator dey based on data wey come from di Global Burden of Disease project by di Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME).

See some of di oda ogbonge tins wey you suppose know.

1. We dey live longer than before

Global life expectancy don go up more than seven years since 1990. Health care, better sanitation and new medical ways of disease treatment follow for reason why di we all dey live longer.

2. Western Europe dey lead

Fourteen out of di top 20 kontris for life expectancy dey for Europe, but East Asia top evribodi: pipo wey dem born today for Japan and Singapore fit expect to live reach 84 years old.

3. African kontris full bottom

Out of di kontris wey carry last, na only 2 of dem no dey Africa.

Pikin wey dem born for 2016 for Lesotho and di Central African Republic - kontris wey don see civil war - go get life expectancy of only 50 years, 34 years less pass Japan.

4. Women generally dey live pass men

Women dey live pass men for 195 out of 198 kontris by about 6 years on average

Di three kontris wia men dey live pass women na Republic of Congo, Kuwait and Mauritania.

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