Traditional ruler wey no fit collect 3000 naira adult levy go loose im community - Imo State goment

  • Gift Andrew
  • Reporter, BBC News Pidgin, Lagos
Govano Okorocha dey talk wit microphone

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Imo State govnor Rochas Okorocha na pesin wey im mata no dey leave pipo mouth

Goment of Imo State for southeast Nigeria say evri adult for di state suppose pay 3000 naira levy wey dem go dey use develop dia community.

Commissioner for information for di state, Professor Nnamdi Obiareri tell BBC Pidgin say di levy na normal tin for Igbo land wia di pipo dey contribute money to develop dem community, Im tok say goment no dey force anybodi to pay di moni, but say dem don tell all di traditional rulers to collect di levy from dem pipo. Im say any traditional ruler wey no fit collect di moni from im pipo go loose im autonomous community.

"Any traditional ruler wey no collect di money, goment go carry im autonomous community join am wit anoda community, im no go be traditional ruler," Professor Obiareri talk.

But even wit dis wan wey im talk, plenti pipo for di state dey vex say dem no go pay.

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Plenti place don change for Imo State sake of say goment dey break and dey build

Di state goment tok say if each autonomous community collect 3000 naira from 2000 adults, di money go reach six million naira. Di plan na say di goment go come give di community four million naira join, wey go make am 10 million naira wey dem go use start big developmental project for di state.

BBC Pidgin tok to some pipo for Imo State and dem tok say goment no dey do wetin dem suppose do, but dem wan collect money from pipo wey dey suffer.

Wia dis foto come from, Irobi Darlington

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Plenti pipo dey complain about di new levy

Irobi Darlington say: "dem say dem dey do urban renewal, dem don break plenti market for hia, dem no dey pay workers, dem say we must pay, dis tin go fit cause trouble sake of say pipo no ready to pay dat kin money," im talk.

Wia dis foto come from, Austin Egejuru

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Imo pipo dey talk say goment suppose consider poor pipo first before anytin

Austin Egejuru tok say: "I no go fit pay di money, how goment go dey levy pipo wey no dey work, pipo wey dem don break dia shop and no dey pay dem salary in full. If dem collect dis one now, na im be say, na double tax dem dey collect".

For Augustine Izuogu, im believe say wetin dem dey do no good for dis state. Say goment no dey pay pensioners and say di road wey dem dey build no dey waste time spoil too.